About Liver Rescue

Liver Rescue was launched at the start of 2013 by Daniel Campagnoli, an avid researcher in the areas of nutrition and biochemistry.

Based in Perth, Australia, Daniel earned a Bachelor of Science in 2001 from the University of Western Australia, which is listed in the top 100 Academic Ranking of World Universities worldwide in 2012.

Liver Rescue was launched for people who are seeking the latest in effective lifestyle and nutritional support for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic induced form of liver conditions.

The inspiration for Liver Rescue came from the humanitarian work of the world renowned medicinal chemist Dr Herbert Nagasawa, who has devoted his life to developing breakthrough medical science to help the health of the world.  From the glutathione delivery technology originally developed for alcoholic war veterans to his fast acting cyanide antidote

Alcohol is the leading cause of liver disease worldwide which means there is a huge need for effective information and targeted scientifically proven supplementation to support the health of people’s livers around the globe.

Other causes include the increasing epidemic of diabetes which only further increases the need for the most effective, proven ways of liver protection and repair.

Our philosophy is to use only proven information from peer-reviewed medical journals to guide people to make the healthiest decisions possible.

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